Sent, and Sent For

The Inner.

“Leaving is an integral part of arriving.” That’s what I heard God say to me during an early April YWAM Madison Retreat at Lake Geneva. For the last couple years I’ve wrestled with the question of, “do I stay in ywam madison, or do I leave?”. As a person I pride myself on my loyalty and my resilience so I wasn’t about to just LEAVE, ya know? Unless God told me otherwise I was planning on being stationed in Madison and never leaving.

I’ve been in Madison now for the last 3 years and bit by bit I’ve taken up more ownership. The big bits being staffing at Pho’s House (discipleship housing for college students) and running Spark (art elective in DTS).

To leave I equated with giving up. Defeat. Abandonment. And none of those words I like using to describe how I engage with anything. I know I’ve made an impact here and I was scared that if I left nothing I’ve done would matter. It would return to dust. In His wisdom, Lord knew I’d need some serious emotional reconciling in order to be able to even consider transferring elsewhere.

During the Retreat we looked at the story of Jacob and Esau. And one point their mother tells Jacob to run because “if Esau returns He’ll kill you, and I can’t lose both of my sons today.” That passage spoke to my spirit, revealing that some battles are not for me to fight. And that God doesn’t always ask us to fight. In a lot of ways that passage broke this pride in me that said, “you can’t put down anything you’ve picked up”.

He told me, “I’ve sent you, and sent for you”. These words conjured an image of journey on my end, and request for my presence on another. A leaving of and a going towards.

I left the Retreat knowing I would be leaving YWAM Madison. But I did not know where I would be going.

Now, I do.

I will be moving to Nuremberg, Germany to work with YWAM Nuremburg, staffing Discipleship Training Schools there for the next 2 years. And I leave July 23rd!!

The base there is very arts centric. In fact, the DTS is called “Marriage of the Arts”.

I’m so excited to be a part of staff there, to experience new culture, and to develop myself personally and creatively!

The Photos

Pho’s friends! We’ve been watching films a lot lately and last night we shared a meal together before the movie

This is Bri, she just graduated DTS, she was one of my Spark students. I’m proud of her. This pose is an inside joke

Filming for a piece I wrote called, Affirmation II [The Dominance of Non-Belonging]


One thought on “Sent, and Sent For

  • That’s such a great image God gave you, of him being on both ends of the journey, sending you out but also waiting for and receiving you on the other side. ❤


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